About us!

We are the GOREgous Girls! We are an adult modeling community of alternative lifestyle and entertainment.
 If you're like us then you love 2 things. Beautiful girls & horror!!

But we're not the girls next door. We're the bitches down the road with more tattoos and better movie collections!

What some think is weird, or fucked up, we think is awesome, we put the gore in GOREgous, and we are here

to satisfy your demented needs!!!!

Specializing in gore, horror, and even more you'll have to see for yourself!!!


Thank you for your interest in GG. You must be 18 or older. You can Submit a portfolio by sending at least 20 pix of you (including full body and nudes if you do them & preferably no filters) and links to your page(s) and or website(s). The pix do not have to be gore or professional. Also include at least a min short video introducing yourself with brief bio info (name, age, location, specialty skills etc) & show full body in it. Tell us in your own words why you would make an awesome GG. Ladies who have never modeled before will still be considered. Include age and location. Also do you have any specialty skills or acting experience, Reliable transportation, Access to a photographer in your area? We need energetic and outgoing models.

Can send to our Facebook IM or email: GGFiends@gmail.com

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